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What is ratio?

It means the relationship between two quantities or two quantities.

What is a numerator?

Indicates the number of equal parts. A / B ratio is the number A.

What is the denominator?

The denominator states how many of these fragments make up the whole. A / B ratio denominator, B is the number.

How is the ratio calculated?

It consists of the denominator part of the share. For example, in the expression 3/4 where the numerator is 3 and the denominator is 4, the number 3 tells how many equal parts there are, and 4 says how many of these parts are required to form the whole. When it is desired to find a value corresponding to the ratio of 3/4 of the number 100, the number 100 is first divided by 4, then the result obtained is multiplied by 25, 3, and the numerator corresponding to 3/4 is found to be 75.